Sunday, 27 January 2013

Benefit- Fine One One Review

Hi everyone!

First of all I want to say sorry for the lack of posting this week, I now work in a bar a couple of nights a week and it totally threw my blogging rota out this week. But anyway I am back! basically I have been shopping and here is the very exciting result!

Some really exciting news for you all!!

To all of my lovely readers and Benefit fans, Benefit released a very exciting new product yesterday and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it, and today it made its way into my bag. It is called "Fine One One" and is a highlighter, blush and contour all in one!! this is the first product I have seen like this which was the reason I was so desperate to get my hands on it.

At the moment they only have one colour which the mix of pink champagne, sheer watermelon and soft coral, I spoke to several girls who work on separate benefit counters who have been testing this product on lots of ladies over the last few days, and they are yet to find someone it doesn't look lovely on. I did ask the girls if they knew if other colours would be bought out soon, at the moment they aren't sure, but I really hope they do!



The Test

The lady at the first benefit counter tested it on me and it has a lovely texture, very creamy and feels very light on the skin. With it being in the form of a stick, I was very worried about it feeling heavy and oily, but trust me its the complete opposite. after putting it on she lightly blended it in with her fingers, it blends really easily onto the skin and looks very natural. I brightens up your face and give you that wide awake look. For me this is a great product as I spend a lot of time using separate blushers, highlighters and contouring powders so this should cut the time it takes to do my day to day makeup down by rather a lot.

Here is a quick swatch so you can see how subtle it is, but don't let the subtlety put you off as its very easy to build up if you prefer a slightly more obvious look.
Anyway that is all for today, I have a few lovely products on their way to me in the post as we speak so I may be a bit review heavy for a while, I will get back to doing looks soon I promise! Have any of you had the chance to try "Fine One One"? What did you all think of it?
Have a lovely rest of your evening and I will talk to you all soon!

Monday, 21 January 2013

Hunger Games, People of the Capitol

Hey Everyone,

I hope you all had a really lovely weekend, and for those of you who got the snow I hope you all made the most of it! Snow is possibly one of my favourite things, it just makes me feel so calm, a bit like rain does, but lots better, which means I have had a lovely and much needed relaxed weekend. I also managed to get myself a bar job over the weekend in order to pay for my holiday this year, I will tell you all more about this closer to the time.

A Little Bit of News

Before I get into my post, a little bit of news, it was IMATS in LA this weekend, and this was where sugarpill released their new pallet "Cold Chemistry" hopefully it will be available to the public soon, and as soon as it is I will be purchasing it to do a review so keep an eye out!

Limecrime also released their upgraded eye primer and a product called "glitter helper" these are another 2 products I will be purchasing as soon as they are available to the public to review, I have heard fantastic things about their previous eye primer so I am really looking forward to testing this one.


The Look

Anyway, back onto the subject of this post, it is the 3rd instalment of my bi-weekly make up tag with the lovely Elle and Bekki, pop over to their pages and take a look at what they have come up with if you get a second, they are both incredibly talented ladies.

We have decided to do a Hunger Games people of the capitol inspired look, I have been very excited about this one as I am a tad obsessed with the books and the first film, I cant wait until the next film comes out later on this year!

Well here are the looks I hope you enjoy.

Products used:
Snazaroo- Clown white
Loreal- Matt Morphose 110
Sugarpill- Velocity + Mochi
Barry M- Kohl pencil KP6
Limecrime- Loop de loop
Sugarpill- Velocity + Mochi
Hobbycraft- Pearl self adhesive gems
Sugarpill- Velocity + Mochi
Barry M-DD22+DD20
Barry M- Kohl pencil KP6
MUA- Pro mist fixing spray
I hope you liked this look, I really do appreciate you lovely people taking time out of your days to read what I have to say, it means a lot. Feel free to leave comments and ask questions I love hearing from you. The next makeup tag look will be mermaids, so keep an eye out :-) 
Talk to you all soon

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Favourite products of 2012 (Sugarpill)


Hi everyone, I have finally managed to get round to putting this post together, I have been wanting to do this one for ages, as Sugarpill are such and incredible brand and I think that everyone should know about them!

Sugarpill are an American brand, most of their makeup is Vegan and all of it is incredibly highly pigmented and colourful. I was introduced to Sugarpill some time around July, and from the first time I went on the website I was hooked, all I knew was I wanted all of it, and I wanted it all now.... I am still working on getting there... but I think I'm doing pretty well. I bought my first 2 products (Tiara and Stella) from Cyberdog in Brighton, this only made my need for more worse and a few short months later America had an amazing day called black Friday. Black Friday also happened to be the same day that I got paid, sooo I clicked on all three palettes and proceeded to the checkout, before I gave myself time to think about all the other things I actually needed to buy this month. Possibly not the smartest choice I have ever made, but I have no regrets at all!

 I will now show you a few pictures of swatches and the products, please bear in mind that these are rather well loved and used products, so they don't exactly look brand new, but still they should give you all a good idea of the colours, and hopefully explain my slight addiction.

All of the swatches are done over an Illamasqua cream base, I will definately recomend using a primer with these as it enhances the colour brilliantly.

Tiara and Stella

Tiara and Stella are from the Chromalust loose powder range.

Sweetheart Pallet and Bulletproof

This is the first pallet that was released in the heart pallet series, next to the sweetheart swatches is bulletproof, this is the only pressed powder that isn't included in any of the palettes.

Burning Heart Palette

Burning Heart is the second in the heart palette series.

Heart Breaker Palette

This is the third and final palette in the heart series.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite eyeshadow's, these are now available from Love makeup or from Cyberdog in either London or Brighton if you aren't to keen on ordering from America. My collection will hopefully be growing again as soon as payday hits! Talk to you all soon.
Charley xxx

Sunday, 13 January 2013

2013 New Years Resolutions

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a lovely week. Today I am going to share with you my 2013 beauty resolutions, I know its a bit late but I'm normally so terrible at new years resolutions that I don't really make them, however in the last few weeks I made a few decisions about changes I will be making to my beauty routine, that I guess they would count as new year resolutions. Anyway here they are I hope you enjoy.

The List!

1) No more face wipes or soap!- OK bear with me on this one, I have decided to start with oil cleansing instead. I actually started this a few weeks ago, basically my skin has never felt better, I hardly ever need to moisturise any more and the condition of my skin is probably the best its been since I was about 10.

2) Find the perfect eyeliner brush- This sounds so simple, but I just cant find the right one for me I have now tried about 6, if anyone has any recommendations please let me know!

3) Drink more water- Its the best way to good skin and so easy so I have no idea why I struggle with drinking water, but this WILL change.

4) Spend more time on my nails- My more nails have become rather neglected in recent weeks and as 2013 is going to be huge for nail varnish (check out MUA's new nail effects, fluffy nails and nail constellations, I am in love with them both) its about time I started taking a tad more care with them.

5) Spend more time on this blog- I love writing on here and I want to do more, so hopefully there will be posts more regularly on here.

6) Go to IMATS London- Words can't describe how excited about IMATS I am, its a make up show that is hosted in various places across the world at different times throughout the year, and for the first time I will be going!

Anyway that is it for today, sorry for the short post, this week has been so busy for me but all will be back to normal next time. I hope you all have a lovely week and I will speak to you all soon.

Charley xxx